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Malawi Consumer Price Indices (CPI) Dashboard

December 2016

The year on year headline inflation for the month of March 2013 stands at 36.4 percent a decline of 1.5 percentage points on the month before . The urban and rural rates stand at 39.8 percent and 31.8 percent respectively.
Food inflation has started to decline owing mainly to the availability of cereals in some parts of the country. Non-food inflation has gone up due to the upward adjustment in the price of gasoline and its derivatives. However its impact on overall inflation has largely been offset by the decline in food inflation.

The headline inflation for December 2016 stands at 20.0 percent compared to the headline inflation of 24.9 percent for the same period last year (December 2015).

There is an increase of 0.1 percent from last month (November 2016).The urban and rural rates stand at 15.4 percent and 23.2 percent respectively.

Overall, Food inflation stands at 24.4 percent from 24.8 percent in November 2016 while Non Food inflation stands at 15.4 percent from 15.2 percent.

The annual headline inflation rate for 2016 stands at 21.7 percent compared to the annual headline inflation of 21.9 percent in 2015.


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