National Statistical Office of Malawi

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National Statistical Office Strategic Plan 2012-2016

NSO_SP-2012_1016In 2011, the Government of Malawi revised the first Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) into the second MGDS (MGDS II). The MGDS II is the overarching operational medium term strategy designed to attain the national vision of transforming the country from predominately importing and consuming economy to predominately manufacturing and exporting economy. Within the MGDS II, NSO is clearly identified as one of the core institutions in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the MGDS II and tracking progress towards realizing the goals set out in the strategy.

The Government of Malawi and development partners are fully aware of the role of better statistics to inform the design, implementation and eventual evaluation of development programmes. In order to address statistics needs in the MGDS II, NSO strategically aligns its statistical activities to address the requirements of both the public and private sectors during the period 2012-2016. A well-resourced statistical office is vital for the production of timely and high quality statistics. It is therefore important that the NSO operates with a well-trained, motivated staff and fully financed resources that together will be responsive to the statistical data users’ needs.

This Strategic Plan presents strategies and activities that will guide NSO from 2012 to 2016. The strategic plan will enable NSO to meet the demand for the provision of coordinated, timely and high quality statistical information. The statistics are vital for proper design of policies; efficient resource allocation and mobilization; sound decision making; and evaluation of development programmes. This strategic plan also advocates for better utilization of statistics by all stakeholders. The strategic plan has been aligned to local and international development frameworks such as MGDS II and MDGs respectively.

The strategic plan further adheres to principles and recommendations of Strategy for Harmonization of Statistics in Africa (SHaSA), African Charter on Statistics (AfCS) and the United Nations Fundamental Principles for Official Statistics (UNFPOS) to meet regional and international standards on statistics.

Six goals will be pursued in the implementation of the strategic plan. First, NSO will ensure continuous provision of timely and high quality statistics that will respond to user needs. Second, NSO will coordinate statistical production processes in the country in order to effectively deliver improved statistical services. Third, NSO will enhance public confidence in statistics. Fourth, NSO will enhance user-focused service delivery.  Fifth, NSO will establish an organized, increased and sustainable funding base. Lastly, NSO will continue to improve organization capacity.

The strategic plan comprises five chapters. Chapter one describes the background of NSO. Chapter two outlines the vision, mission statement and core values. Chapter three highlights the situation analysis. Chapter four depicts goals and strategies. Chapter five presents the multi-year statistical activity plan, budget and the logical framework.


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