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Fourth Integrated Household Survey (IHS4) 2016-2017

This is the fifthreport of a series of the integrated household Surveysconducted by the National Statistical Office. Through the IntegratedHouseholdSurveyProgram, the NSO conducts Integrated Householdevery fiveyears. The first such survey was conducted in 1990 and wasreferred to as the Household Expenditure and Small Scale EconomicActivities(HESSEA). This was followed by the 1997/98 Integrated Household Survey which is commonly referred to as IHS1. The second was conducted in2004/05 and is referredtoas IHS2. The third was conducted in 2010/11 and is referredtoasIHS3.The current survey was conductedoverthe period April2016 to April 2017and is beingreferred to as IHS4.

The main objective of the Integrated Household Surveys is to provide and update informationon various aspects of welfare and socio-economic status of the population of Malawi and arepresented at various levels such as national; urban-rural; region and districts as well asdisaggregated by sex.

The Integrated Household Survey is a detailed survey that collects information onconsumption patterns of households both in terms of food and non-food over a one yearperiod. This enables further analysis of the surveyresultsto produce poverty profile of thecountry which feeds into the programming and evaluation of the country’s mediumdevelopment framework, the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS). Specificallythe survey collected information on poverty and income equality, demographiccharacteristics, health, education, labour force participation, credit and loan, householdenterprises, agriculture, housing infrastructure and asset ownership, food security andmortalityindicators.


Fourth Integrated Household Survey (IHS4) Main Report

IHS4 Microdata

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